On October 9, 2012, acclaimed 16-year old singer-songwriter Hayley Reardon will issue the second single from her forthcoming full-length debut album, Where The Artists Go (due October 23 via Kingswood Records). Containing the album version and an instrumental version, “Tribe” will be available at iTunes, Amazon and other digital service providers.

“Tribe”: http://soundcloud.com/1888media/hayley-reardon-tribe

Coinciding the release of “Tribe” with National Unity Day, Hayley explains the meaning of the song, “I know what it’s like to want something different than everyone else around you. And to feel like the more you find yourself, the less of you they understand. I wrote this song about learning for myself that all we need to be is what makes us feel alive and eventually we’ll find our “tribe,” a group of people who understand and don’t want for us to be anything but ourselves. So many times I think all I’ve needed to hear is ‘let it go, little girl.’ Let go of the ones who don’t understand and hold out for the ones who do. Don’t lose yourself in the search because your tribe is waiting and once you find them, you’ll know what it means to belong.”


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