My Silent Bravery, Can’t Quit Deluxe Edition

My Silent Bravery is Matthew Wade. He sits comfortably in the recognizable pop world. His music tugs on your heart strings with that universal feeling that relates to everyone on so many levels. It is a clash of refreshing new and comfortable familiarity that dances in your head long after the last note has been played. The band recently announced the release, of a new Deluxe Edition of Can’t Quit (9/27/12), which will feature three previously unreleased tracks, including a remix of “Four Yearz,” produced by Kool Kojak (Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Katy Perry).

[youtube 2Z_00-g2wPc]

The title track, “Can’t Quit”, says it all. This is a musician who is clearly comfortable in his own skin. He is not afraid to show his deepest inner emotions. He reveals them with sincerity and precision. His professionalism is above most signed artists. This guy has come to play and he takes his work very seriously. As he says in the song, “Until the death of me…. I’m going to give it my all”. After listening to the entire CD he did not disappoint. You can hear and feel him flex his psychological muscles in every note.

The production is true to the music and lyrics. He has the perfect combination of prosody and creativeness that takes the melodies to soaring heights. The songs are hooky and vibrant, even the solemn content is resurrected to peaceful places before all is said and done; leaving you relaxed, elated and wanting more.

Matthew Wade, “My Silent Bravery” is not only a very cool name that describes the music you are about to hear with such genuine honesty; it also stands up to anything on the radio with ease. It has a similar “Maroon 5? vibe and poppy nuances that are entertaining and addictive. Wade is making sound waves that are carrying him to success faster than he can record them. Thanks for the vision and sharing it with the world.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 5/5]

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