Hello all, and thanks for joining us this week here @ Skoped Out. This week I am excited as we have a hip/hop artist by the name of Verce. We have not had a hip hop artist in a few weeks so I am excited as I just bought Verce’s hot single/video on Amazon MP3 “Let Her Rock.” I love hip hop but I really love when the beats and the lyrics make you bob your head and feel the music. Verce is from the ATL and he continues to push awareness of racism in his lyrics in hopes of educating and unifying cultures. His album is out now ‘The Final Verdict’ and we got to chill with Verce as he talks about getting his start, what Atlanta means to him, his feeling on politics, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and what are your plans for the weekend?

Verce: Got a meeting with Atlantic Records. And partying in the clubs as usual. It’s time to “Blackout” Also hitting a party on the lake and writing music. Typical weekend.

Stoli: At what age did you take on the name Verce and when did you start to see hip hop as a career?

Verce: At 18 when I freestyled battle 3 kids at a house party. I switch my voice and style for each battle so I was tagged the name Verce atyle. So Verce is short for that.

Stoli: What is it about hip hop and urban music that made you want to go into that genre over rock, jazz, or reggae for example?

[youtube ZotRH6cBck4]

Verce: Originally it was the closeness to the street. I was attracted to the rawness and the freedom of the music to take on any topic. From parties to pain. The culture clothing and style. Plus the girls.

Stoli: Your album ‘The Final Verdict’ is out now on Amazon MP3. How long were you working on that album and where did you record the tracks?

Verce: I started working on this album in March of 2012. Originally it was suppose to be a few songs but I was battling depression and needed something positive to help me climb out of feelings. Every song was like a dosage of positivity. So I kept writing until I felt I reached a good place. All the tracks were recorded at Twenty96 studio’s. Shout out to K.O.

Stoli: Where is your best setting & mood to write lyrics and what inspires you to be creative?


Verce: Honestly I write anywhere. From the backyard to the beach. A lot of my idea’s come to me in the car and the shower. Pain and stress often inspire me to write. Writing is therapeutic for me.

Stoli: How did growing up in Atlanta help shape you as a man and as an emcee?

Verce: The ATL is a melting pot of so many different cultures. As a man these streets will harden ya and make ya grow up fast. As an artist ATL’s culture has helped me to understand so many different cultures and respect each culture in their own way. If you listen to my album you will here many different cultural influences.

Stoli: What is it about Atlanta that many stars have come from the city. Who are two ATL artists that you admire & respect?

Verce: ATL is black Hollywood. It’s a big city with small town ties. I can’t really say why so many stars have emerged from this great city. I just hope it has room for one more. lol The two ATL artist I admire is Big Boi and Andre 3000 from Outkast. They are and will always be my favorite of all time.

Stoli: Your album has 21 tracks which is hot! How did you choose “Let Her Rock” as the video/single?

Verce: Yeah I gave a lot of tracks to this album. I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted a high energy video with dancing and that single was perfect. Also me and Kayto Reed wanted an excuse to get close to a bunch of hot girls. What? And also show a lighter side of hip hop.

Stoli: Where do you go for beats and how can upcoming producers submit beats to you?

Verce: I get my beats from Twenty96 Productions, Dnice Productions, V12 Productions and a lot of local producers. I am always open for upcoming producers to submit tracks. The up and coming producers usually have a fresh look at music. Please submit tracks to or visit Hell call me.

Stoli: I love your song “Wait On Me.” What is that song about and who did the beats?

Verce: Thank you. Wait on me is definitely on of   my favorites. Such high energy. The song is actually simple, a guy see’s a girl in the club and they are both so waisted they can’t quite seem to link up at the same time. She is all over the place and he is chasing her tell her to “Wait On Me”.The song is like a good night in the club one big blurry cluster.

Stoli: All we hear about is Romney vs. Obama. Do you follow the election and do you feel it matters anymore for the people?

Verce: I try not to speak on politics because it’s all so political. lol I do follow the elections and do feel it matters. I’ve you don’t get involved then you don’t have a right to complain.

Stoli: What is coming up for Verce and where you @ online?

Verce: Working on a deal so letting my agent yell at people. Also working on traveling overseas projects and tours in the near future. For now parties and shows till we blackout. Working on The Blackout Tour which will be a backlight dub step concert show all over the southeast. Hitting major colleges this fall. Visit for dates and locations. Also working on 4 new video’s and look for The Dawg Walk 2 video real soon.


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