Aoede, Skeletons of The Muse

With a catchy pop feel and a nice Indie folk sound, Aoede brings her soft soothing voice to the forefront in her music. Writing everything herself, Lisa Sniderman is a very gifted artist   that expresses her joy of good feeling music with every track she has to offer. On “Can’t Stop the Music”, the music immediately has you snapping your fingers along with her and gets you wanting to dance. It’s a very catchy song with the days of the week and regular daily duties counted off in a timely manner. Easily relatable to anyone with that care-free easygoing love of music.

On “Bittersweet”, she captures some soft rock appeal with the music, while singing of the trials and tribulations of a girl in transition of life in a love. Trying to stand out in the crowd by being different, but yet being the same. Keeping all of her dark secrets to herself, yet showing that she has them. Aoede’s voice swirls around the beat of the song in perfect rhythm and tells the story of the “Bittersweet” complicated girl that, even though may be hard to figure out, is still loved and wanted. This song captures the teen angst in every girl at some point in their lives. Though not to be just classified to teens but in many a woman as well. Very telling and enjoyable to the ears all the while.

On “Love Proof” Aoede brings more folk sound to her voice as she twists and turns with different melodies and pitches. Showing off a very wide range, this track is very pleasing to the ears as she tells the story of a skeptical girl seeking out a true love. Wondering if she is capable of love, or just “Love Proof”. In the chorus she reveals she isn’t at all. That she is just skeptical of others love and the truth behind their words. The music is quite simple which adds to the vocal ability and doesn’t overtake it at all. With an underlying bass line, quick strums and basic drum beat, it is perfect for the vocals to shine the way they do over the entire track.

“Fairy Tale Love” starts off bass and beat driven with some violin added in for great texture. The song begins with mentions of well known fairy tale stories of love as metaphor for what she seeks in love for herself. In this track, the music wraps around the lyrics, where it was the opposite for other tracks. A masterful feat, that should be recognized in all technical areas. Very well done and offering more emphasis on the lyrics of Aoede.

Overall, “Skeletons of The Muse” was very enjoyable. Showcasing the lyrical beauty of Lisa Sniderman’s range and pitches. The song writing seemed to be mostly aimed towards females and their feelings of the heart. Every song is relatable to the listener, and offers insight into female strengths and beauty from within. The music arrangements were perfect on each track for the feeling of the lyrics. Some were quite simple, some very intricate, but all perfect for the accompanying lyrics. Listed mainly as a pop artist, you find much more depth than to just call it pop music. More on the realms of pop, folk, Indie and soft rock on some tracks. The music of Aoede is purely meant to uplift the soul and put a smile in your heart. It is no wonder that Aoede has been receiving acclaim across the board within the music industry already, because no one should be without a smile in their heart.

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By L. White

[Rating: 4/5]

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