Another October, Storage Stories

Another October is a Michigan based band bringing their debut EP, “Storage Stories” to a eager fan base. These guys are entertaining and talented with a mix of jazzy rockers and smooth vibes.

[youtube 4X0bNBgK1a8]

The only disappointment about this CD is that there are only six songs on it. Each tune dances in your ears and invades your senses. You are left with an uncontrollable urge to dance and sing along. The sound is catchy and addicting. There is a nice prosody between the music and the lyrics. One feeds the other creating an unforgettable experience.

The lead singer commands your attention. His voice is a compulsion of sincerity. When he sings the lyrics, they sound with such conviction you are left with no choice but to be a believer. You can feel the fun and heartfelt emotions they have poured into this CD. From beginning to end they are preaching and I am listening in awe and praise. Every single note plays a role to create this musical perfection.

Another October out did themselves with their debut, “Storage Stories”. They certainly have something to be proud of and are making fans every where they go. I see big things on the horizon for this band and want to thank them for bringing some solid good tunes to tired airwaves. They are sending a wake up call to their listeners and their listeners are demanding more.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 5/5]

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