We Are The Last Men On Earth, Girl Named Never

Killian MacGeraghty is the front man for the band, We Are The Last Men On Earth. He is celebrating his latest adventure with his new release, “Girl Named Never”. He is based in San Francisco and is bringing a sound as fresh as a spring breeze.


This CD is quirky and fascinating with a motley appeal. From beginning to end it feels as if you have been taking a journey through the land of Oz. The productions is filled with wonderful sounds and rhythms. From the trumpets to the piano the music spins around his words like a feather twisting in the wind. He has soothing vocals that draws you into the stories with intense emotions tickling your senses.

Killian has a significant signature that is undeniable. Each song has its own appeal that goes beyond entertaining, it speaks to you on a different level. It is easy to imagine Killian walking in a realm beyond us and his songs are his reports back to earth sharing his findings with the world. The title track is a melancholy moment of peaceful perfection. Each tune for that matter feels like it was written solely for you. It provokes raw emotion and curiosity.

We Are The Last Men On Earth, is a perfect name for this band. After you listen to the CD you feel like you were the first man on earth to have felt such deep perspective. “Girl Named Never” is a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. It puts you in a cathartic trance. Listen and let the music take control.


Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca@gmail.com

[Rating: 4/5]

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