SIXSTEP, House Of Cards



SIXSTEP is proud to announce their first studio album, “House of Cards”. I’m proud to say I was able to review it. These guys rock! They are bringing positive vibes with a groovy sense of humor.

[youtube Mc89X-TwSxY]

This CD is entertainment at its finest. It comes at you full force, hitting you with a psychedelic mix of jazzy funk and rock, blended into a cool package. My favorite track is “Iron Tongue”. This song speaks to me on numerous levels, not only musically–it is a force of nature with a solid strength about it. This CD takes me back to then days   of “Tommy” by The Who. SIXSTEP have poured their hearts inton every song, and they spill into your ears and leave a taste of candy in your mouth.

From beginning to end you feel like you have been invited directly into their musically diverse minds. It is a party that does not relent until the very last note. There is a feeling of angst, power and foreboding that pulses to the rhythm and races through your veins. The singer draws you in and leaves you hypnotized. I like the world they have created and I’m happy to relive it over and over.

SIXSTEP is a revolutionary band and their debut CD “House of Cards” is sparking a movement of creativity in rock music. There are highs and lows that feed your every emotion and leave you breathless. As soon as you regain composure you have no choice but to experience it again and again.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 5/5]

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