Theendisthebeginning, Tropics

Theendisthebeginning are on the scene again with their second EP Release, “Tropics”. It hit the stores on Sept 13th and has been invading the airwaves ever since. They are a flashback to the sound we used to get from legendary rockers like Yes, or even a touch of influence from Rush.

I personally like music that is smooth and flows. The musicianship of this CD is what makes it. The lead singer has vocals that blend with the instruments beautifully. However, you know me, I normally pay attention to lyrics first; but with this one that has not been the case. The stories behind the music are almost irrelevant. The instrumentation alone drives the emotional currents.

The music is whimsical and dreamy. It takes you for a ride. Not a drive in the country, this is a flying magic carpet ride. When I listen all I can see in my mind’s eye are clouds floating past my ears. The song, “Weapons” has a cool transfer of sound bouncing from one speaker to another. It certainly drives the affect and builds the tension. Vocally there are not a lot of harmonies floating around until you reach the final track, “Concreep”. There are some really cool things going on vocally in this one.

Overall this 5 track EP is a nice collections of songs that have the ability to take you to another dimension. Musically there are some groovy repetitions that circle around your head. This makes the CD contagious and hooky. It is emotionally charged and definitely delivers.

[Rating: 4/5]

Rebecca Hosking –

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