Destined for stardom – a phrase we’ve all heard before, but for powerhouse R&B/pop singer/songwriter Kasha, it’s her definition. Born with a passion and flair for performing, the lively, lovely young Brooklyn, New York native has always possessed the drive, determination and singular focus necessary to succeed in show business.

As many superstars have done before her, Kasha began via a time-honored tradition, by singing in the choir at St. Luke’s Church when she was only five years old. With her mother’s encouragement and support, she began taking vocal and dance lessons at age six. At age 12, she also began piano lessons. Honing her craft at a young age prepared Kasha for the career that she was destined for. Throughout her school years, she participated in glee clubs and performed in numerous shows, all under the watchful, loving eye of her biggest cheerleader, her mom, who herself was a former vocalist and vocal trainer.  


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