Teresa Storch Band with ‘Open Your Heart’

Teresa Storch is opening up to the entire world about important issues and topics of today on the new release ‘Open Your Heart’.  Teresa Storch Band has put together 12, well-designed tracks that touch on societal issues and the human spirit.  Teresa Storch Band wants you to ‘Open Your Heart’, Open Your Mind and Open Your Ears and just allow the music to wake up your senses and energize your soul.

The group includes Teresa Storch on lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Peter Lacis on lead electric guitar and background vocals, Chad E. Mathis on bass guitar, background vocals and piano on “It’s Not Okay” and Travis Moberg on drums and background vocals.  The album also features a number of talented players and they are: Tony Dickinson on additional guitars, background vocals, keyboards and arrangements, Eli Bishop on strings on “Ballad of St. Francis”, mandolin on “Independence Reign”, Kevin Lufkin on organ and piano on “Open Your Heart”, Robbie Benson on piano on “Things Will Get Better”, Christopher Wright on drums on “It’s Not Okay”, Jordan Skomal on Trumpet on “Things Will Get Better” and Chris Ruiz on saxophone on “Things Will Get Better”.  ‘Open Your Heart’ was recorded at

Chimaera Sound Studios by Josh Depperschmidt, and Cinder Sound Studio by Christopher Wright, and arranged, produced and mastered by Trans-Siberian Orchestra bassist Tony Dickinson.  Together, Teresa Storch Band delivered a masterful performance overall that will move you and ‘Open Your Heart’.


The record kicks off with a pleasing tone and enticing vocals on “Things Will Get Better”.  This song pulls the listener in with its optimistic mindset along with promising message & sound.  Prepare for one strong delivery by Teresa Storch on the title track, “Open Your Heart”, where she delivers powerful lyrics.  “Open Your Heart” is an ear-opening experience and a shining performance that stands out in the crowd.  On “Feels So Good”, everything just feels right at home and everything seems to be in sync.  Emotional chords come pouring out of the speakers on “Feels So Good” where Teresa is vulnerable and exposes a past that was quite painful.  On “Best of Both Worlds”, a pleasant melody fills the airwaves that will certainly warm your soul.  Time to get down to business and to the real truth on “This is the Time”.  This song touches on our current times and what should be done to improve as a whole. “This is the Time” to get things done and to do some real soul searching.  On the following number, “Would I Burn”, Teresa Storch Band has a strong presence and gives a commanding performance.  “Ballad of St. Francis” is filled with emotion that provides a sad tone yet is so satisfying to hear.  It’s “Time To Go” to a place now where Teresa Storch Band offers up a reassuring message that is inspiring.  “Time To Go” supplies a steady beat along with genuine lyrics that keep you engaged.  Teresa Storch Band does a terrific cover of “We Belong” by Pat Benatar that is sure to entertain.  This rendition of “We Belong” is BIG in sound and one power-packed performance that will leave a lasting impression.  Next, the listener receives a stripped-down performance that is heartfelt and soul-stirring on “It’s Not Okay”.  Time to let “Independence Reign” where a glorious sound hits you and awe-inspiring lyrics pass through your eardrums.  Teresa Storch Band is standing tall and marching forth with the utmost confidence on “Let Independence Reign” where a song of hope and perseverance can be heard for miles.  The audience receives a happy and motivational ending with “Things Will Get Better” as Teresa Storch Band gives you something to believe in.

I am thoroughly impressed with Teresa Storch Band and their new release ‘Open Your Heart’.  I highly recommend taking a solid listen and let the music and words sink in.  Open your ears, open your mind and ‘Open Your Heart’ and allow Teresa Storch Band to spread the news.




By Jimmy Rae