Christian Parker Releases ‘Change Is Now: A Tribute To The Byrds’

Christian Parker is an accomplished songwriter, American recording artist and guitarist and on his latest release he pays tribute to The Byrds.  On this new album, Parker pays homage to a highly influential band in music history and to one of his major musical influences.  On ‘Change Is Now’, Christian Parker pays close attention to the works by The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn.

Christian Parker’s band includes original Byrds session player Earl Poole Ball, Gary Jacob on pedal steel and electric guitar and Todd Staudinger on backing vocals.  Christian Parker and the band pay their respects to the timeless music of The Byrds while also making the material feel fresh.  Christian Parker is a true artist who did The Byrds major justice and also made a believer out of me.

Amazing melodies and harmonies hit you right from the start on the title track, “Change Is Now”.  Christian Parker delivers a mighty performance on “Change Is Now” and he is shining bright as a star here.  The following song, “She Don’t Care About Time”, is pleasing to hear and one enjoyable listening experience.  “She Don’t Care About Time” offers up a catchy sound that draws you in and sticks to you like glue.  Prepare for a golden melody and classic touch on “Here Without You” as Parker sails through this track with ease.  Next, Christian Parker delivers stand out vocals and music that peaks your interests and sparks your senses on “The World Turns All Around Her”.  The following track, “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better” is full of flavor and contains a catchy hook that pulls you in.  “Chimes of Freedom” is ringing loud in your ears and offers a sense of charm and style that can’t be denied.  On “Wild Mountain Thyme”, a soothing texture is in place as Christian paints a musical landscape that is majestic in nature.  “Ballad of Easy Rider” is played next and is simply calming to the soul with its peaceful vibes.  Joyous times will brighten your ears and day on “Get To You” with Christian Parker’s music having a huge impact on the audience.  “Time Between” provides a fast ‘n’ friendly tone that shines like the bright sun.  On “Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me”, Parker is able to convey a feeling of comfort that is satisfying and a pure joy to hear.  The next song is “Bugler” and this particular number contains a laid-back, easy going feel that rushes by you like a calm stream.  Christian is about to come “Full Circle” where everything seems to be in line and all the pieces fit together perfectly.  Parker ends with a strong closer by hitting on ALL levels and igniting ALL of your senses and this is “The Last Thing On My Mind”.

I am thoroughly impressed with Christian Parker’s efforts on this new album as major respect can be attached to his name.  Honoring The Byrds and their music is not taken lightly by Parker as he and the band play for the sake of classic music.  With distinct musicianship and professional recordings, ‘Change Is Now’ offers the listener everything he or she could want out of a high-quality record.  Be sure to check out Christian Parker and his latest project ‘Change Is Now: A Tribute To The Byrds’ and thank you Christian for keeping timeless music alive and for refreshing it. 

By Jimmy Rae