Radha Thomas Releases ‘As I Sing’

Radha Thomas is a highly regarded artist in India’s jazz scene and she has released her new album titled ‘As I Sing’.  Radha Thomas is an accomplished jazz musician, composer, arranger and band leader.  Thomas is also a published author with four books to her name and is also very passionate about dog rescues.  The multi-talented artist from India has put together 10 fresh takes on jazz standards with Radha’s vocals backed only by guitar.  ‘As I Sing’ is a breath of fresh air to say the least as Radha Thomas puts a creative & artistic spin on jazz standards.

The album features Reg Schwager on guitar who is four-time winner of Canada’s National Jazz Award for ‘Guitarist of the Year’ and member of the Order of Canada.  ‘As I Sing’ also features New York City’s jazz guitarist mainstay Tom Dempsey along with guitarists Pete McCann of Manhattan Transfer and Paul Myers of Jon Hendricks.  The vocals and the guitar playing weave together perfectly on ‘As I Sing’ as pure harmony & chemistry can be heard throughout the 10-song set.

“Summertime” is in the air and perfect opening to the record!  With a soft ‘n’ subtle approach and delicate touch in place, Radha Thomas provides soothing strings and chords on “Summertime”.  Next, the “Autumn Leaves” are falling and they are crisp ‘n’ cool while also being filled with warmth.  A cool breeze blows past your eardrums and what you are picking up is “Autumn Leaves” in nature and in its truest form.  On “I Fall In Love Too Easily”, Radha Thomas throws caution to the wind when love is the air.  On the following composition, “It Could Happen To You”, Thomas sings with much conviction and true passion as the theme is anything is possible.  On “I Remember Clifford”, the listener will get drawn into this story about this interesting character making for a memorable experience.  The track “Daahoud” is done with such style, class and finesse overall as Radha Thomas grabs your undivided attention and keeps you enthralled from start to finish.  The following number, “Jitterbug Waltz”, supplies a cool, calm and collect sound that moves you with its smooth style.  Next, one will witness Radha Thomas singing straight from the heart on “Just Friends” where a friendly vibe welcomes you and invites you in.  It’s time for Thomas to make a “Social Call” where her warm presence is on full display and pleasing to hear.  Rounding out the jazz standards, we finish with “Moon Ray” that is beaming with joy and simply glowing from a musical standpoint.

If you enjoy creative improvisations to some of your favorite jazz standards, then ‘As I Sing’ is your ticket!  The arrangements, vocals and guitar accompaniment are all spot on as Radha Thomas & company create musical magic.  Be sure to check out ‘As I Sing’ by Radha Thomas and your ears will thank you!


By Jimmy Rae