‘With A Bang’ By Konata Small feat. Disciple Theory

Prepare to be enlightened by the latest offering from groundbreaking music artist Konata Small – “With A Bang” featuring powerhouse producer Disciple Theory. He once again proves himself as a master of musical storytelling, weaving a captivating narrative that dives deep into the labyrinth of personal responsibility.

Renowned for his sonic masterpieces, Konata Small is known for his credits on various platforms from Call of Duty, Fortnite, SEGA, Valorant, Disney+, CBS, NFL, and HBO. His brand-new single embodies the tasteful sounds of Kendrick, Labyrinth, Kanye, and Jay Z. The track blends genres of gospel, hip-hop, and cinematic soundscapes while captivating listeners. Konata Small and Disciple Theory displays their abilities to push boundaries and discover new musical frontiers in “With A Bang”.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “With A Bang,” Konata Small shares that there was a turning point in his life that took place in Brooklyn, New York. This occurred while he was a preteen and a bystander to a shootout. The incident served as the impetus for his ultimate relocation to South Florida, where he met God and first discovered his current hip-hop skills as a rapper, composer, and artist.

And if Konata Small’s next music is anything like “With A Bang,” it’s exciting. So get ready, fans—Konata Small and Disciple Theory are about to take you on an incredible musical experience. It’s time to ignite the inner fires of contemplation and enjoy a riveting voyage on “With A Bang,” with its soul-stirring diversity.