Bruna Black & John Finbury Presents “Vã Revelação” Out May 14, 2024

A lovely update of classic Bossa Nova takes shape with the regal “Vã Revelação,” displaying the talents of Bruna Black & John Finbury in delivering this glorious, gorgeous sound—the interplay among the band results in this kaleidoscopic array of colors. Nearly psychedelic in certain moments, the vocals, sung finely in soothing Portuguese, add to the inherent charm of the album. Everything here works wonderfully, and the rhythms have a tropical tilt. Poetry forms out of the interaction between the group members, with the dazzling display feeling doubly refreshing. Bossa Nova’s classic sound is updated in a gentle yet meaningful fashion.

“Vã Revelação,” the opener and title track, sets the mood for what follows. The piano glides about, and the nimble percussion highlights the tactile. Grooves radiate pure warmth on the genteel cresting waves of “Perolas.” Tempos are rushed forward, as “Para Me Entender” has a grandeur. Upright bass proves essential in the deliriously happy “Inverno De Nos Dois.” In “Nosso Cais,” the song moves briskly, increasing the tempo like a heart rate. For the beautiful and fragile “Uma Noite Com Voce,” her vocals are prominently displayed, and her performance is a highlight of the album. The intimacy of “Sera” walks over hallowed ground, with guitar work reminiscent of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Instruments dance around each other with the giddy finale of “Chao De Nuvem.”

Bruna Black & John Finbury delve into a fragile, delicate dance on the glorious, gorgeous state of “Vã Revelação.”