Cadosia Street ‘The River Inside Of Me’ – out now!

Experience a captivating musical voyage with Cadosia Street, a band that recently released their brand-new album, The River Inside Of Me, which consists of eighteen tracks.

The dynamic group with a wide range of diverse artists ensemble to create some of the greatest music projects via their combined creative effort. The River Inside Of Me, with its catchy lyrics and funky sound design, is a fantastic illustration of their innovative approach. With its eighteen tracks, each with a distinct tale and a strong indie music vibe, the album churns out smooth summer beats.

The River Inside of Me, is evidence that Cadosia Street still understands the fundamentals of songwriting. Originally intended to be a celebration of Edward Scott Michael’s “milestone birthday,” the album came about as a result of friends and family coming together to record it for all the right reasons: friendship, the love of creativity, the beauty that comes from teamwork, and the shared experience of music. The outcome is an exquisite compilation of tunes.

It takes numerous predictable twists but always errs on the side of understatement and accessibility, from the folky, brass-laced opener, “Split Personality”, to the avant-gardening of “Irikok Forest”, and from the anthemic grandeur of “T.B.A”. to the 60s vibes of “No Tomorrow”, to name a few exceptional tracks on the album.

The record is jam-packed with outstanding compositions, ranging from the melancholic vocal harmonies, soft piano, and inventive vocal layering of Hackensack to the smooth acoustic guitar, expressive vocals, and catchy melodies. The River Inside Of Me, also features some amazing covers, such as Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready”, Buddy Holly’s “Every Day”, Stealers Wheels’s “Stuck in the Middle with You”, and Fountains of Wayne’s “Hackensack.”

The River Inside of Me, showcases the synergy and creativity of this talented collective, offering listeners a taste of the unique magic they captured during their unforgettable time together. Each track showcases an assorted range of compositional elements that highlight Cadosia Street’s songwriting talent.

There is an atmospheric vibe throughout the eighteen tracks with poignant storytelling, captivating vocals, beautiful harmonies, and endearing soundscapes. Each track presents itself as an earworm tune that demands to be replayed on, The River Inside Of Me.

The group comprises of Juliana Carr Lombardo, Paul Lombardo, Randy Crafton, Stefan Ilie, Jim Cash, Ashley Cash, Wil Hylton, Charles Hylton, Sam Schuman, Scott E. Moore, Paul Madigan, Edward Scott Michael, Amy Crafton, Markus Hauck, Wendy Bartel, Lynn Gardner, Leon Dunkley, Zuri, Ghana, and Adanna Hylton.

Fans of Cadosia Street and those who enjoy new music will want to listen to this album because of its well-balanced production, outstanding instrumentation, and memorable vocal performances.


Danielle Holian