Translator Turned TV Star and Musician Louise Burke Releases New Singles

A classic tale of everyday life: one day you’re translating for international organisations, from UN agencies to the European institutions, the next you’re playing the Princes’ royal nanny on The Crown, and the next director Danny Boyle’s telling you “you have music in your eyes” and Amy Winehouse’s father is saying “Well it’s safe to say she can sing” to a packed audience about you. At least, it’s a classic tale if you are Louise Burke – the translator-turned-actor-turned-musician set to release her two new singles.

The first single, Artist’s Rut, is set to release 03/02/24 and examines Burke’s inner conflict. Following a brief conversation with Pulp’s Antony Genn, Burke took pen to paper and created this moving single that examines the push and pull between artistic aspirations and personal obligations.

The second single, Benevolent not Malevolent, is set to release 13/04/24. The bittersweet track was created as an attempt to save a failing relationship in the face of lockdown. With this in mind, Benevolent not Malevolent serves as a moving eulogy to the pairing. Burke’s vocals soar across a warm acoustic bed of finger-plucked acoustic guitar and shimmering licks that lend a dreamlike quality to the single.

Louise’s relationship with music closely mirrors her relationship with her father. Her introduction to the world of music came through her dad’s band The Concordes. Through this and her parents soundtracking her childhood with 60s country, Louise’s love of music began. When her father was tragically diagnosed with cancer in 2013, Louise knew she couldn’t let her dream slip away from her any longer. She has since trained with some of the most renowned vocal coaches in the industry, most notably the founding Head of Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music, Mary Hammond, and the results speak for themselves.