The MC Type Presents New Single ‘John Wayne Gacy’ w/ Pen Pointz

The MC Type is a boundary-pushing musician who blends a strong sense of rhyming with a certain style of caustic humour. He is well-known for his inventive approach to music. Since he is so skilled in both, it would be incorrect to classify his music as humorous rap. He does a great job of satirising extreme backpacking and emo rap.

He makes a comeback with his most recent release, “John Wayne Gacy,” which features Pen Pointz and is taken from his most recent album, “Lucky Silverback.” Fans will be spellbound by The MC Type’s passion for what he does. His ability to craft lyrics that are aghast and compelling, while also exploring a laid-back hip-hop sound that is saturated in unabashed honesty. The song is an ode to his maturation as a songwriter, and if it’s any sign of what’s to come in the future, it looks promising.

The MC Type, a New Zealand-based artist, has a simple approach to songwriting: start with a theme and amazing songs with profound lyricism will follow. His songs are humorous and introspective, while at times leaving listeners thunderstruck. He creates luscious soundscapes with pulsating production that conveys upbeat rhythms.

The catchy tune and flabbergasting punchlines constantly leave listeners wondering, “Is this guy serious?.” All things considered, “John Wayne Gacy,” at just under four minutes, is an intriguing addition to his music discography. The song deftly combines challenging percussion and airy melodies with intricate instrumentals.

It could be more challenging for The MC Type to promote his songs as a result of such daring experimenting. In contrast to unfamiliar songs, listeners typically enjoy familiar sounds, but if you’re as daring a listener as he is in creating music, you could be in for a treat with “John Wayne Gacy”.


Danielle Holian