RarriQUESO x Popkanon Presents “SAVE YOUR CRY”

Contemporary pop is a polyglot thing. Playlists are international, tastes are global, and the hottest records are ones that appeal to audiences all over the world. The boldest pop artists are the ones who disregard borders and geographical barriers and make music heedless of expectations, and, often, in defiance of traditions. Adulation and respect go to musicians who collaborate across genres — and sometimes across oceans. The future of pop is polystylistic, multicultural, and multilingual.

Which means the future is here. “SAVE YOUR CRY,” the new single from the Chicago Latin pop artist RarriQUESO and Oslo, Norway electronic Popkanon, has all the hallmarks of an international smash. It combines elements of American acoustic folk-rock, Caribbean reggaeton, Scandinavian techno-pop, and inspirational music that could only be called celestial in origin. And does it in a manner designed to appeal to dedicated listeners of those styles and casual playlist streamers alike. RarriQUESO has one of those golden voices that works in any mix: it’s sweet, smooth, deeply communicative, and effortlessly emotional. Whether he’s singing in English or in Spanish he’ll make listeners feel every word.

The single follows “Bar Colombia,” a 2023 collaboration between RarriQUESO, Popkanon, Isiah Ollie f.k.a Exclusive, and producer Stephan Smirou that lit up clubs in the Northern and Southern hemispheres alike. That track was a pure hedonistic celebration and a channeling of Caribbean sunshine, and it was a substantial hit on Oslo radio. For “SAVE YOUR CRY,” they’re keeping the elements that made “Bar Colombia” irresistible, but digging a little deeper. The singer’s message will resonate in any society: he’s warning listeners to put aside negative thoughts and embrace healing energies. The best testimonial imaginable to the power of harmony, respect between peoples, and positive thinking is the song itself. The American-Latino singer-songwriter and the Norwegian producers sound like they were born to complement each other.

“SAVE YOUR CRY” — and it looks to be one of the warmest and most engaging songs of Summer 2024. It’s no wonder that RarriQUESO approaches the camera with utter confidence in the simple, straightforward, and dazzlingly effective clip for the track. The plain white background means there’s nothing between the viewer, the singer, and the song. It’s just the listener, a magical melody, and a singer and performer with immense casual charisma and an unstoppable will to erase the boundaries that keep fans apart. Plans are in the works for a third RarriQUESO-Popkanon collaboration, and it’s a safe bet that this project is only going to intensify further as the artists continue their journeys.

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