Eric Ezra Releases ‘Amphibian’

Eric Ezra is based in Chicago and has a knack for creating instrumental synth rock with a twist. Ezra’s latest release is slithering its way into your speaker box as ‘Amphibian’ is on the loose and on the hunt for new listeners. If you’re in the mood for something completely different music-wise, then I highly recommend taking a listen to ‘Amphibian’ by Eric Ezra.

The record kicks off with the title track, “Amphibian”, that has an otherworldly presence and an industrial-type sound. Raw energy is being poured out here musically by Eric Ezra as “Amphibian” offers the perfect bite overall. Next, don’t be upset because it’s time to get “Mad”. This metallic noise is penetrating your ear canals on “Mad” and drilling its way into your memory bank whether you like it or not. Track three, “Automation”, is robotic to the core, so prepare for a strong force battling for a spot on your playlist. The following number, “Mosquito”, is buzzing with mystique as intriguing notes fly past your ears. A blast of stinging sound swarms around you on “Mosquito” and the only cure is to take a full, attentive listen. Get ready to “Spring” into action and enjoy the ride! This track will get you moving to the beat and put some extra “Spring” in your step. The following number is titled “Captured” and you will want to grab this heavy-hitting song by the horns and not let go. Eric Ezra is performing with a sense of authority on “Captured” and this comes across loud & clear. Don’t get stuck in the “Turbine”; rise above and soar along to this energized track that has an eerie effect. Track eight, “Death”, supplies an electrifying atmosphere that won’t kill you, but will only make you that much stronger. Eric Ezra delivers a powerful performance on “Death” and it’s safe to say he killed it on this set. On track eight, “Combat”, I can’t help but think of the classic video game “Mortal Kombat”, so that means it’s time to fight! Battle your way through musical jungles on “Combat” and become a tough audience and listening soldier. The “Tides” are rolling in by the end and Eric Ezra is finishing strong. Ride through the cool sound waves and soak up all the salty notes that “Tides” has to offer.

‘Amphibian’ was released under Stay Venomous Records and offers something for everyone. Eric Ezra has created 10 original tracks here and each one is different from the next. Enjoy the creative mix that coils up and wraps itself around your eardrums. Eric Ezra certainly has got my attention with ‘Amphibian’ and I highly suggest checking out the album. JDR

By Jimmy Rae