Galactic Tide Featuring Andy Timmons ‘The Haas Company Vol 1’

Hass Company delves into wild, feral energy with “Galactic Tide, Featuring Andy Timmons Vol. 1.” The interplay on the album has an inherent fierceness cutting to the absolute bone. Unhinged power flows through the guitar as a screaming classic rock psychedelic romp smashes its way through everything. An array of different genres are woven together. Funk, the blues, classic rock, and more are brought into the fray. Without saying a single word, the tracks chart a heavy path. Volume is an absolute must, for this wall of sound physicality feels pitch-perfect.

The Haas Brothers: Volume 1

“Leather Pajamas” have a stately muscle; they waste no time racing into it. By far, the album’s highlight is the vast, adventurous aspect of “1979,” which incorporates so much into the space, allowing the experience to sprawl. Drums feel gorgeous as they pummel everything with “Good Lieutenant.” Tapestries come through with the sheer tenor of “Stockholm Syndrome” as different guitars soar towards the sky. With the mournful aspect of “Ballad For Andy,” the song spools slowly and meditatively. Athletics have the power to be seared into the mind with the bombast of “Magic Log.” Nice jazzy licks in “Galactic Tide” feel gorgeous. “Tower Of Babel” has a space rock element, wafting into the sky. Synthesized aspects of the work and the saxophone finale end the album with “Arrow Of Time.”

“Galactic Tide, Featuring Andy Timmons Vol. 1” holds nothing back, as Haas Company goes completely unhinged with their attitude.