A postmodern pop blended with chamber classical gives the Bruce Lofgren Group a unique cadence on the leisurely “Earthly and Cosmic Tales.” The arrangements in the right light touch upon the sheer brilliance of Stereolab’s introspective style. Further along, they go for an approach that recalls the Penguin Café Orchestra. Lots of different layers are neatly woven together as graciousness is shown within the melodies. Rhythms go for the natural, and the pacing has an inherent charm that makes each element shine. Throughout the album, an entire narrative takes shape, all without saying a word.

The soothing tenor of “Summer Passage” sets the tone for the album, evoking awe. “Fields Of Praise” has lovely, lilting strings that pop with color. A whimsical approach runs through the strength of “Wind Rider.” On “String Theory,” the piece goes for a contemplative ode, with the meditative nature of the work cycling through with graciousness. Chilled-out vibes rush through the gorgeousness of “Tripsy,” where a midcentury party atmosphere reigns supreme. Gingerly walking about “Orange Crate Art” features a genuine skill. Like a summer evening outing, “Red Shift” has an ornate, sophisticated sensibility that ties it together. Vibraphone rings out into the distance on the neat jam of “Creepin’.” A Beach Boys fervor radiates throughout “Spend The Night.” Gorgeous cadences tie together with the fantastic, low-key “Desert Flower.”

“Earthy and Cosmic Tales” shows the gorgeous interplay of the Bruce Lofgren Group in delivering a robust and powerful sound that reverberates, giving a living, breathing space.