The MC Type Presents “Full Life Crisis (feat. Sage Francis)”

The MC Type is a native of Seattle, currently residing in New Zealand, who combines a strong sense of rhyming with a particular brand of caustic humour. His skills in both genres are so diverse that it would be inaccurate to categorise his music as comedic rap. His satirical portrayals of extreme backpacking and emo rap are spot-on. He has been nailing it in the humour department.

The Mc Types’ rap group, The Let Go, has a successful career with national rap tours and opening for various artists such as Prof, Grieves, Mac Lethal, Louis Logic, and more on the road. Signed to Camobear Records and Goon Trax, the group charted as high as 19 on CMJ and received a song placement on MTV’s The City. After a decade in TV commercial writing, The MC Type teases the release of his forthcoming album, Lucky Silverback, which serves as a giant middle finger to cancel culture and a battle cry to those who want to restrict the topics on which we may now make jokes.

Ahead of the album release, he returns with his most recent single, “Full Life Crisis,” featuring Sage Francis. The MC Type demonstrates his ability to write lyrics that are both captivating and evocative, while also delving into a relaxed hip-hop offering that is drenched in unapologetic honesty. The song is a tribute to his songwriting maturity, and if it’s any indication of what’s to come from him in the future, it’s looking good.

The MC Type has a straightforward approach to music: choose a topic, and compelling songwriting with deep lyricism will come from there. He creates compositions that are both contemplative and globally relatable. He skillfully crafts lush soundscapes with throbbing production that smoothly carries lively rhythms. Unveiled from his forthcoming album, Lucky Silverback, “Full Life Crisis,” is a slick and progressive song with a warm flow that stretches over a dynamic production. He also maintains an atmosphere optimistic throughout the uplifting offering.

Listeners are always left thinking, “Is this guy serious?,” because of the tuneful melodies and exquisite punchlines. The forthcoming 15-track compilation dives into the hilarious, laugh-out-loud hardcore satire and killer ‘90s boom-bap sounds from Canadian artist Pen Pointz. A diss track about one of his dead homies, the Mississippi Riverboat Brawl, the “birds aren’t real” hypothesis, erectile trouble, and, of course, feces are among the subjects covered.


Just short of four minutes, and with all things considered, “Full Life Crisis” is a fantastic addition to his repertoire. Most of the time, his easygoing flow is effective, but occasionally, he highlights some noticeable emotional intensity. Because the content is honest and relevant, listeners will appreciate the subjects that most interest them.

Danielle Holian