Sarantos – “Starting Over” Review

Sarantos’ latest single, “Starting Over,” gently ushers listeners into a world of warmth and introspection, where the idea of beginning anew is not met with trepidation but embraced with open arms. With its poignant songwriting and stripped-down musical arrangement, “Starting Over” marks a captivating departure from Sarantos’ previous work, showcasing a newfound depth and sincerity in his artistry.

From the first notes of “Starting Over,” the song’s gentle acoustic guitar and soft percussion create a serene backdrop, allowing Sarantos’ heartfelt lyrics to take center stage. As his warm, emotive vocals wash over the listener, it becomes clear that “Starting Over” is not just a song but a heartfelt invitation to embrace life’s endless possibilities.

At its core, “Starting Over” is a meditation on the universal human experience of second chances. Sarantos delicately explores the idea that sometimes, it’s okay to press the reset button and realign ourselves with what truly matters. Whether it’s in relationships, career paths, or personal aspirations, the song gently reminds us that the journey of starting over is not a sign of failure but a testament to our resilience and capacity for growth.

What sets “Starting Over” apart is its poignant and relatable songwriting. Sarantos effortlessly weaves together themes of reflection, hope, and redemption, crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with listeners. Sarantos sings, advising listeners a step back, offering solace to those who may find themselves at a crossroads in life.

Musically, “Starting Over” shines in its simplicity. Eschewing flashy production and elaborate arrangements, Sarantos opts for a more intimate approach, allowing the song’s themes to shine through in their purest form. The gentle strumming of the acoustic guitar and subtle percussion create an atmosphere of tranquility, inviting listeners to lean in and immerse themselves in the song’s message of renewal.

One of the most striking aspects of “Starting Over” is Sarantos’ emotive vocal delivery. His voice exudes a sense of sincerity and vulnerability, drawing listeners in with each heartfelt phrase. Whether he’s crooning the chorus with quiet determination or delivering introspective verses with gentle restraint, Sarantos’ performance is nothing short of captivating.

In conclusion, “Starting Over” by Sarantos is a poignant and introspective journey into the beauty of fresh beginnings. With its heartfelt songwriting and stripped-down musical arrangement, the song serves as a gentle reminder that it’s never too late to embrace change and chart a new course in life. It’s yet another feather in Sarantos’ cap, and we’re eager to see what he has in store for us next.

–James Sunderville