Dave Luv New Video “Some Days”

Dave Luv, a Chicago native and rising artist known for his powerful lyricism, has pioneered a unique blend of genres that takes listeners on a one of a kind musical journey. After graduating high school he went on to college, only for the pandemic to hit shortly after. The pandemic made him realize that the time was now to focus on what he was passionate about and to pursue music. With the world transitioning to the internet as a way to maintain human connection, the rise of TikTok and other online platforms became a way to stay connected while the whole world was paused. He made the life changing decision to take a step back from school, much to the surprise of his advisors and peers. While he had always done well as a political science major, it wasn’t his passion and he knew had an opportunity to pursue his true passion of music and took a leap of faith. Despite the challenges that came along with it, Dave embraced social media as a valid avenue for artistic expression and a way to connect to others about the ups and downs of life. His willingness to be open about the ups and downs in his own life and his personal pursuit of happiness shines through in all his creative pursuits.

While most commonly labeled as a hip-hop artist, in reality Dave’s artistry isn’t that easily categorized. He mixes elements from multiple genres, creating a unique fusion that connects to a wider audience. “Some Days” contains a blend of both ballad and pop elements. Reflecting on his evolution as an artist and a person, he believes that neither people, music nor life can be defined in absolute terms and his music is a reflection of that. Through his music and lyricism, Dave takes the listener on a journey, though life’s ups and downs, happiness and heartbreak, triumph and tragedy, and at times redemption. He touches on those relatable experiences that resonate with listeners. Dave draws inspiration from his own experiences, allowing the vulnerability of his personal truth to connect with his listeners. His latest project, “Some Days,” captures the volatility of the emotions one feels post-breakup. Some Days takes you on the roller coaster of sadness, loss, anger and acceptance. The lyrics, and accompanying video, convey a powerful message: life is imperfect, and chasing an ever moving goalpost of happiness is futile if you are solely focused on the negative things in life while the ending conversely reminds the listener that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Directed by Nick Jandora, known for his work with artists like Lil Skies & Arizona Zervas, the “Some Days” music video is a visual extension of Dave’s narrative. The video is filled with cool shots and an encapsulating storyline. Nick’s creative vision and unique ideas, with the ending showing Dave getting hit by a car as happiness slips through his hands, contribute to the video’s compelling and profound visual message. Though Dave was hesitant to let Nick have him painted on full clown makeup, their collaboration resulted in a video that surpassed expectations. Despite the concept being out of his comfort zone, Dave threw himself into the vision and brought the character to life. The video’s unique concept ultimately became Dave’s favorite video and something he is very proud of. The song and video’s message has earned high praise for being thought provoking.

The fans’ feedback continues to prove his music’s relatability, challenging the facade of perfection perpetuated by most others on social media. With Some Days, Dave Luv has shown us that he is unafraid to show his innermost thoughts and feelings. Look for his impact to continue to expand throughout a new generation of music fans and fellow creatives

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