Beyond Acting: 4 Surprising Interests of Emma Roberts

Actors are predominantly known because of their performances and the films they have featured in. However, many actors have other hobbies and interests, such as music-making and health and social causes. According to Marketing Charts, 45% of US adults interviewed believed celebrities can have a positive influence on issues they are promoting. Learn four surprising ways Emma Roberts is leaving a footprint beyond the screen.

1: Passionate Bibliophile

Emma Roberts is not just an actor. Roberts is also an avid reader with a deep appreciation for literature. So deep is her love for literature that she opened a virtual book club, Belletrist. According to her website, Belletrist is an online reading community for people who love books.

They choose a book each month and invite the online community to read along. In 2019, Belletrist evolved from a book-reading community to a TV production company with First Kill on Netflix. Goodreads has a list of more than 150 books Emma Roberts has read, including We Were Liars and Station Eleven.

2: Style Lover and Fashionista

Emma Roberts has repeatedly wowed with her sense of style and ability to pick the right outfits for her body type. Teen Vogue has placed her on their best-dressed lists multiple times. Emma knows how to pull a look for any occasion, from statement sleeves to graphic pants. 

Roberts has also demonstrated her fashion sense with her iconic red carpet appearances. A case in point is the 2018 Met Gala Catholic imagination-inspired theme. Emma wore a chic, off-shoulder gown with intricately placed lace and beads that stole the show.

3: Compassionate Philanthropist

Far from books and style, Emma has shown she cares for more than appearances. Roberts has used her platform to give and help raise funds for multiple causes. Look to the Stars lists some charitable causes Emma has supported, including the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Kindred Foundation for Adoption, Kiss for A Cause Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Emma Roberts supports the causes of HIV/AIDs, cancer, poverty, and orphans, demonstrating her compassionate heart.

4: Dedicated Activist

Apart from giving and getting people to read, Emma has used her voice to bring attention to world issues, from gender inequality to climate change. On Thanksgiving of 2023, Emma Roberts took to her platform to encourage her followers to give to Girls Inc. FP Movement, an organization that helps girls be strong and bold. According to Forbes, Emma Roberts partnered with Grove Collaborative, a company that makes eco-friendly products, because of her commitment to the environment.

Wrapping Up

Many actors grace TV screens and deliver much-needed release from the daily pressures of life. Others go beyond the screen to inspire those most vulnerable with their unique talents and hobbies. Emma Roberts has contributed to the world through literature, fashion, philanthropy, and activism.