Jerryhenry’s debut single “Alive” is available February 16, 2024 on Spotify and social media platforms

Jerryhenry is an indie artist currently based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He takes pride in crafting a sound that honestly depicts and gives space to the vast human experience. The goal of his music is always the same – to give meaning to all of the seemingly inconsequential moments and transform the mundane into something extraordinary. 

Jerryhenry’s debut single “Alive,” which was produced by J-Marin (and co-produced by Jerryhenry) is the beginning of a 10-song journey that will take the listener through many highs and lows, uncovering secret messages hidden beneath the surface of everyday life. “Alive” is about trusting your instincts and giving yourself permission to settle into the life you are living, even if that’s only for a little while, before the next adventure begins. “In the lyrics you can hear a yearning to accept my life as it is. It’s a rejection of the constant doubt I sometimes feel and permission to let myself off the hook for other paths I could have taken or other decisions I could have made. I think one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is relief from that doubt,” Jerryhenry says.

Recorded over a period of four years, and in three states, the 10 songs that will be released tell a story of a journey through multiple phases of life, and the simple yet valuable lessons learned along the way. The writing process for these songs was generally free-flowing, so as to allow the messages to come through uninterrupted. The focal point of the songs is, of course, the vocals. Throughout the songs, you can hear the fullness of layered vocals and vocals recorded at various pitches, bringing out an array of emotions in each song.

These songs will be released over the course of the next year, each one piece of a puzzle. Born out of a search for truth, these songs share a common theme of self-forgiveness: subtle whispers, nudges, and pleas to be patient with yourself. Influenced mainly by indie, dream, and ethereal pop, Jerryhenry creates musical soundscapes that the listener can live within, if only for a few minutes at a time. Some of his biggest influences are Agnes Obel, Of Monsters & Men, Florence & The Machine, AURORA, and Still Corners. While influenced by other artists and their music, he also pulls heavily on his own life experiences and curiosities to create a unique instrumental and vocal arrangement. 

Stream “Alive” here: 

SoundCloud – “Alive”

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