Germany’s KAH Kicks the Year Off with “Tell Me Who I Am”

Step into the vibrant world of KAH’s latest single, “Tell Me Who I Am,” and prepare to embark on an introspective journey like no other! Bursting onto the scene following the success of their hit track “The Hive,” Americana sensation KAH delivers a powerful blend of strength and vulnerability that is sure to captivate your soul.

In this melodic revelation, KAH invites listeners to dive deep into the core of their being, posing questions that strike a chord with the human spirit. Stemming from her own courageous coming out story, KAH’s self-love anthem celebrates the kaleidoscope of queerness that paints our world with vibrant hues. It’s not just a song; it’s a beacon of personal transformation, where embracing change becomes the key to unlocking the door to self-discovery.

Lead vocalist Hanne takes center stage, urging us to explore the uncharted territories within ourselves. Beneath the pulsating rhythms lies a tapestry of melancholic harmonies and profound lyrics that speak volumes, inspiring us to embrace our truest selves with unwavering pride. And here’s the kicker: KAH not only delivers a musical masterpiece but also showcases their prowess by independently writing, producing, and recording this gem—a testament to their boundless talent and creativity.

“Tell Me Who I Am” isn’t just a song; it’s a rejuvenating rendezvous with oneself, akin to reuniting with an old friend after years apart. As KAH herself puts it, “Once you’ve found it, be prepared to meet someone you didn’t expect to meet—yourself.”

With a track record that boasts performances alongside Hollywood heavyweight James Newton Howard, support for iconic acts like The Hooters and Roger Hodgson, and a coveted win in the Big Stage Contest by Radio Station SWR1, KAH is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Having graced the stages of prestigious events like the Folk Alliance International Conference and the Virginia Women’s Festival, KAH’s star continues to ascend, promising to touch hearts and ignite minds with their soul-stirring melodies.

So, dear listeners, heed the call of KAH’s “Tell Me Who I Am,” and embark on a musical odyssey that will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened, and utterly enchanted.