OB1 & Nnennaya Kelly Present New Single ‘Angel’

OB1 & Nnennaya Kelly celebrate love on the tender, giddy tones of “Angel.” The beat does not stop, with its Afrobeat effect a particular joy. Sun-drenched, there is a tropical flavor deep in the many layers. Infusing the melody within the infectious rhythm adds to the inherent playfulness, as the song makes sure to move at a brisk pace. Much of the lyricism focuses on the concept of togetherness, of appreciation for others. With this sense of care, the song becomes something good for the heart, a genuine outpouring of devotion for the world.

Percussion is the piece’s focal point, starting on a high note. From this moment, the vocals enter the fray with a positive energy. The optimism of the piece and the hope expressed within feels inviting. So much warmth comes out of this passionate performance, allowing the song flexibility. With the grooves further driving the piece along, it has this sense of never stopping, always looking for growth. The drumming has a tactile quality that is highly physical in the approach. Evolution happens in a laid-back fashion, always allowing for a degree of improvisation within the scope. Such unexpected flourishes keep the song feeling lively from beginning to end. Including the vocalist duo further enforces a sense of togetherness, of a larger, happier community. Little details matter, and it closes with a sense of triumph.

“Angel” presents a powerful, potent piece of pop, as OB1 & Nnennaya Kelly deliver a thought-provoking piece full of compassion.


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