Jennifer Klein New Single ‘Illusion’

Jennifer Klein delivers a powerful build-up on the clear-eyed “Illusion.” The entirety of the journey has this fully lived-in quality. Arrangements go for the eternal, with the atmosphere feeling classic in its cadence. She has a genuine ear for melody, letting the melody grow alongside the increased intensity of the piece. By allowing the song to sprawl, gaining power in a delicate yet deliberate way, it has so much energy to let out. Her vocals are more than up to the challenge, rising above the ever more complicated series of instruments to retain its inherent stately grandeur.

As cool as a summer breeze, the song starts softly. From there, the rest of the arrangement comes into view. She lets the rhythm gradually build up, and that, too, begins quietly. The song has a pulse from the first moment, forgoing percussion at least initially. The piano has a tastefulness that helps to anchor the entirety of the piece. Even this instrument allows the rest of the song to come into view, with the message expanding into new horizons. Word choice goes for the deliberate, and this meditative quality ties it together, allowing a thoughtful disposition. Best of all, the song feels alive as it becomes ever more poignant until the last final rush of colors and textures before fading into the vast expanse.

“Illusion” shows off Jennifer Klein’s uncanny ability to sculpt a serene, soulful sound, heightening poetic lyricism to perfection.

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