4 Ways to Find Gigs For Your Band

Regardless of how much you enjoy playing music, you can’t really call yourself a band unless you have an audience to play for. Organizing gigs is a crucial part of increasing your following and getting one step closer to fame. If you’re looking to land more gigs, but aren’t quite sure where to look, here are some of the best tips to get you started. 

Market Yourself

Promoting your band is essential for making sure people know you exist. Print out material that includes a little bit of information about your band, and leave it around at local venues. You should also make sure that you promote yourself digitally. An online presence is critical, particularly on social media. 

However, not all social media platforms are created equally. Think about where your ideal audience is, and go there. For example, if you’re trying to reach a younger crowd, chances are they’re more likely to be on Snapchat, whereas boomers are more likely to be on Facebook. Know your platforms and where you should spend the most time pushing your material.

Submit Your Band to Local Festivals

Chances are there are all sorts of local festivals in your area looking for musicians to participate. Regardless of whether you think you’re a good fit or not, always submit your band for consideration.  Even if it’s an unpaid gig, every show is a good thing!

The more exposure you give yourself, the more of a following you start to build, and the more you can show your credibility when submitting to commercial venues for paid shows. Ultimately, what paid venues can see is that you can attract an audience that will make their venue money. So get yourself on the lineup anytime you can, and take plenty of pictures of you playing in front of an audience.

Use Gig Listing Apps

There are many apps specifically dedicated to promoting and finding gigs. Create a band profile that has links to your music, plenty of photos, and of course a bio about what your music is about. Keep your profile updated regularly, and make sure all of your upcoming shows are listed. 

You never know when scouts may be looking for “the next big thing,” so make sure you tell people where they can find you if they want to give you a listen.

Collaborate With Other Bands

Some of the most famous artists of our time got there because they were associated with bands more well-known than they were. The more you can associate with and collaborate with bands that are already well-established, the more you’ll expand your audience, and grow your fan base. That’s why networking is essential. Get out and talk with other bands and collaborate as much as possible.