Tom Sykes Delivers ‘A Long Hard Road’

Tom Sykes is a visionary of sorts paving his own path into the future by way of music that speaks truth and connects on a higher level.  Sykes believes in the power of music and how it can unite people from all walks of life.  ‘A Long Hard Road’ is the latest release by Tom Sykes and I feel he will be connecting with many individuals along the way.  With elements of rock, blues, country and americana, Tom Sykes has a unique style that can’t be beat! 

Tom Sykes is responsible for composing all the lyrics and music on the new record.  ‘A Long Hard Road’ features an array of talented musicians including GRAMMY winners Kevin McKendree and Tony Braunagel, GRAMMY nominee Teresa James and award-winning producer Terry Wilson.  We have Tom Sykes on lead vocals, guitar & keys, Terry Wilson on bass, guitar, keys & background vocals, Teresa James on background vocals, Tony Braunagel on drums and Kevin McKendree on organ.  Tom Sykes and Terry Wilson produced ‘A Long Hard Road’ while Terry Wilson mixed & mastered the record at Otter Creek Digital Studios in Virginia and Jesilu Studios in Los Angeles.  The outcome is a BIG hit out of the park as ‘A Long Hard Road’ takes you on a well-planned and well-designed journey.

Let’s start things off with a “Crazy” good time right out of the gates with an appealing sound that immediately draws you in.  “Everything Feels Broken” is the next installment and showcases Tom Sykes delivering a gripping performance that speaks truth about a world battling between light & darkness.  There’s a “Full Moon” out where the listener can travel along with ease taking in all of the golden sounds that pass by.  Track four, “I Looked Around”, offers a very catchy melody that hooks you in whether you like it or not.  The title track is up next, “A Long Hard Road”, and Tom Sykes gives a stellar performance and set where this seems to be the perfect soundtrack for the many miles ahead.  We head into the “Middle of the Night” next where one will receive insightful material that makes you stop and think.  The next destination is “Old Dirt Road” where Sykes brings the listener back to simpler times by way of an inviting melody and a sense of comfort.  Track eight, “She’s A Woman In Love”, is hitting on all levels and just a top-of-the-line song that I truly loved hearing.  We fly into “City of Angels” next where meaningful material combines with soaring notes to make up one glowing presence.  Tom Sykes goes out in style with a golden sound and masterful performance on the closing number “What Were You Thinking”.

It’s all about the music, it’s all about the journey and it’s all about the truth when it comes to Tom Sykes and ‘A Long Hard Road’.  I feel this record will resonate with many people because it has heart & soul to go along with fine musicianship, top-notch instrumentation and smart arrangements.  Tom Sykes is tapping into human emotions and connecting with people all while traveling down ‘A Long Hard Road’

By Jimmy Rae