Evan Charles, ‘Between Two Worlds’

Evan Charles is a talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas.  He has recently released his debut, full-length album titled ‘Between Two Worlds’ that is a smashing success!  The new record was co-produced by Evan Charles and Scott Davis (Bruce Robison, Band of Heathens), mixed and mastered by Jonas Wilson, engineered by Xavier Juarez recorded at Mr. Pink Records in Bastrop, TX.  Evan composed all 12 tracks and also handled lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica, piano & synth (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12) and electric guitar (4) on ‘Between Two Worlds’.  Other members included on the record are: Scott Davis on electric guitar & backing vocals (1, 5, 9, 12), Jesse Ebaugh on bass & pedal steel, John Calvin Abney on piano & keys (1, 5, 7, 11), Wes Cargal on drums, Jonas Wilson on piano (8) and Z Lynch on backing vocals (2, 4, 7, 9).  Evan Charles & company have created a record that is full of life and now are proudly serving the public ‘Between Two Worlds’.  

The album kicks off with a song called “Remember When” that contains a home-grown element that is very appealing and very catchy indeed.  Time to go “Low Road Runnin’” next where the ideal pace & tempo peaks your interests and provides the perfect rhythm for your listening enjoyment.  Track four, “Ask The Dust”, sparks your curiosity lyrically, vocally and musically where everything seems to gel together nicely.  The listener will pick up on a Bob Dylan-esque style on “Time To Move On” where Evan Charles appears to be quite the wordsmith in his own right.  “Time To Move On” is americana that truly POPS and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.  Get ready to soak up “Heavy Rains Back Home” where glorious notes are pouring down on you and drenching your ears with musical delight.  On track seven, “Another Heartbreak Slipped Away”, emotional chords are pulling at your heartstrings by way of a wonderful arrangement, superb instrumentation and brilliant vocals.  Pure emotion continues to pound you in the ears with the following number “Shattered Love And Last Goodbyes”.  Evan Charles is able to tap into the human heart and write a touching song that moves you in a very profound way on “Shattered Love And Last Goodbyes”.   If you don’t want to get “Left Behind”, then stop what you’re doing and just listen closely to the meaningful words being delivered.  “Left Behind” is a powerful song that has purpose and one that will leave listeners deep in thought.  Track 11, “The Return”, is quite a story being told by Evan Charles and quite a musical trail this song takes.  Enjoy the journey and everything that “The Return” has to offer.  Evan is sailing off into the sunset by the end of the record where everything is in sync on “Horizon Line”.  

I am highly impressed with Evan Charles and his new project, ‘Between Two Worlds’ because there are so many rich textures and musical peaks.  These words sum up the theme of the album perfectly: “Between bitterness and acceptance, dream and reality, sin and transcendence, the songs swing on the pendulum of the human condition”.  ‘Between Two Worlds’ is born and is ready to collide with radio transmissions and hit airwaves nationwide!  


By Jimmy Rae