Robert Abernathy Presents “Redneck Magic”

Here he is, back again to restore your faith in country music songwriting: the inimitable Robert Abernathy! Never one to boast on his unconventional path to Nashville preeminence, Abernathy deserves every true country fan’s ears, eyes, and heart. Let’s recap: after early years writing personal songs, Abernathy put down the guitar and began a 25-year-long teaching career in Birmingham, AL. Stepping back onto the stage with an Eagles tribute band, he plunged back into his passion for music and was soon discovered by a Nashville booker. Since then, Abernathy’s begun to unleash his 300+ song backlog while writing new tunes and gigging regularly in the Music City scene. Almost immediately, Abernathy was recognized as Alabama Artist of the Year in 2018, then came back for a repeat, claiming the title again for 2023.

Abernathy’s clever songwriting balances humor and authenticity in a way that can’t be taught—and also can’t be attained without having lived such a full life. His songs endear country music to the hearts of oldtimers and newcomers to the genre, as he seamlessly blends time-tested country motifs with modern sounds and stylings. He almost can’t help but write with such spirit—his music is his story, proving that age is but a number and dreams are always there for us if we choose to go get them.

Tailoring his songwriting genius to the spirit of the season, Robert Abernathy’s new single “Redneck Magic” offers a haunting atmosphere and timeless lyricism. Pulsing from the start with an electrifying riff and the swagger of drums and bass, Abernathy stylizes his storytelling into syncopated singing about a farm boy seducing a city girl with his country charm. He keeps his clever lyrics on the nose and is joined by master storyteller and country rapper SMO, who spins his own homegrown mystique into the tune. Don’t be surprised if Abernathy’s “Redneck Magic” casts an irresistible spell on you and has you singing along by the end of your first playthrough.

And if that’s not enough for you, join Abernathy and SMO for a grand old time in the music video for “Redneck Magic.” The flick kicks off in a local country bar, where magician Abernathy saunters in for a drink from bartender SMO. Abernathy casts a spell on the scene, setting off a series of comedic and romantic happenings in the unsuspecting small-town crowd. Entranced by our master songwriter, the sleepy night quickly transforms into a bonafide barn burner. Cast some country charm on your Halloween with Robert Abernathy’s “Redneck Magic.”

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