Reverend Peter Unger New Single ‘I Will Still Be Missing You’

Rev Peter Unger goes right for the heartstrings on the soulful “I Will Still Be Missing You.” The fleshed-out sound feels beautiful. The many different instruments that interplay throughout the arrangement help to give it that extra sense of community. His guitar playing has a crystal-clear acoustic, allowing the thing to sing. Bass goes for this robust and resonant aspect. With that low end, the song’s groove continues, unspooling carefully. Lots of the piece gets layered in a way that feels quite touching. By far the highlight and the focal point of the work, the song has everything else brought to give it that further sense of life.

The song begins quietly. He utilizes a Western twang that rings throughout the whole piece. Much of the work has a celebration of vast, wide-open spaces, the kind that so many people dream of. It is this dreaminess that comes through, one that makes the track feel serene. Various textures bloom around. Without a traditional rhythm section, he highlights the importance of the pastoral, like the natural rhythm of life. He has a careful melody, as the guitar strings alongside the electric bass, the song has a realness. Every verse goes for this sense of purpose, with the final aspect gradually flowing into a fantastic fade out.

“I Will Still Be Missing You” has a sense of wonder about the world, with Rev Peter Unger delivering a message of genuine devotion.