Irina Imme New EP ‘Blue Forever’

Irina Imme embraces the grit and soul of 90s alternative rock with the moody “Blue Forever.” Riffs reign supreme. The mix makes sure that her voice remains crystal-clear throughout. Such a choice makes sense, given the amount of attention given to the lyricism. Plenty of sculpting to the sound allows the word choice and general atmosphere to become one. A clever aspect exists with the collection, unspooling in a careful, considered tone. Rhythms have just the right amount of punch, punctuating the power of the message. Lots of layers exist, swirling about in this sense of grandeur.

The opener, “Globe,” has tension, immediately setting the scene for what follows. Everything about it increases the sheer volume and distortion, as the aspect helps to disorient the listener as it ends in pure cacophony. “Jonah” has an angsty fervor, employing a mixture of power punk to such effect, giving the song a crazed attitude as the song lumbers forward, and her voice has a steady stream of exquisite detail. Going for an excellent sense of the Amps’ sole album, “January” has this considered kindness, with the song utilizing a conversational tenor. Pure stripped-down splendor adorns the whispered, “Stupid.” “Again and Again” captures the difficulty of navigating a toxic relationship and the harshness of trying to break out of old patterns to find something healthy. Looking back on what passed, the collection ends as “Not Enough” pulls no punches.

“Blue Forever” has a robust quality, as Irina Imme captures the difficulties of navigating relationships with such beauty.