Top Tips For Your Pets This Halloween & Bonfire Night 

It’s that time again – many dog owners slightly dread whilst also wanting to have fun! Halloween and fireworks, both nights that can cause a lot of stress to dogs, especially if they are already sensitive to situations and people. So here’s some advice on how to help your pets around this time of year.

Obviously children knocking at your door dressed as ghosts and witches is scary enough! But seriously to our dogs this can be very unsettling – I guess the main point would be to not have any pumpkins or decorations that may attract trickle treaters in the first place. If they still do come calling it is best to put your dog in a safe place away from the door so they are not bothered by the fuss and maybe they get a little treat too, so they associate the fuss with a good moment for them. 

Of course, firework night is more tricky for us all. Noises, banks, flashes that you cannot control. If you are in then keeping your little friends nearby and maybe try to mask the noise with the TV or radio and of course don’t go out for walks on bonfire night !  These nights can really affect our pets and can make them afraid for days afterwards, so it really is worth preparing for the night to try and help them, they really don’t know it’s coming! So do your best to dilute the stress and shock of the moment. 

If you are lucky enough to be going to a firework display then try and put your dog in a room with curtains closed and maybe leave the radio or tv on to distract them and hope that any neighbours having fireworks will warn you of the timings so you are ready! 

We all know that some dogs are more sensitive than others and animal charities like Yellow Dog really highlight the sensitive issues, that can be due to many differing factors, that some dogs suffer with. So if you see a dog with a Yellow Dog ribbon or lead, if you don’t have one and feel they could help, you can buy them here   please do be aware that do not want uninvited attention. So around this time of year Yellow Dog charity do have many tips for you to help your little friends and also other people’s pets. Please be thoughtful and caring around this time, it can really make the difference to so many pets and their families.

Yellow Dog , Top Five  Halloween & Bonfire  Night Tips

  1. Create a safe place for your dog away from windows, covered crate with blankets
  2. Distract from the noise with TV and radio
  3. Ask neighbours to let you know if and when they may have fireworks
  4. Tire your dog out in the day with a good long walk so no need for evening walk
  5. Stay calm and try not to fuss too much, dogs sense our stress so much!