Callehan is Ready to Set Sail with “The Four Winds”

Callehan is a group comprised of four key members all based in Nova Scotia. “The Four Winds (Featuring Ashley MacIsaac) is the latest release for Callehan and what a joy this one is. Here are some words from Callehan’s webpage that pretty much sums up the whole vibe and mission: “To share a moment and to have fun in the simplest of forms enjoying a beer, the company of many or a few, from bar and brewery to lake and campfire is the purest of human experiences.” With that being said, it’s time to sit back, relax and indulge on the sweet sounds of “The Four Winds”.

Callehan includes: Tony Trimper on lead vocals and guitar, Colby Clarke on harmonica and vocals, Ted Small on bass and vocals, and Greg Rose on drums & percussion. “The Four Winds” also features Ashley MacIsaac and together this band has created quite a concoction for the masses. With elements of folk and americana, Callehan delivers the goods to all of the good people out there. As soon as you hit play on “The Four Winds”, you are instantly drawn in due to the audio appeal and infectious energy. This track is vibrant and bright-sounding with an enticing sound. “The Four Winds” is blowing by your ears by way of a fun-filled performance that truly shines. Callehan brings joy to your space and fills your ears with musical enjoyment on the new song.

Callehan has come up with a catchy, soul-satisfying single with “The Four Winds”. Whatever part of the world you’re from, I say raise your glass and let’s toast Callehan on a job well done. Good music with refreshing spirits is a recipe for success and “The Four Winds” passes with flying colors. Cheers to Callehan and to “The Four Winds” sailing off into the sunset. JR

By Jimmy Rae