Choices in Diamond Settings

A Look at Diamond Setting Varieties

Do you want to find diamonds? Don’t just think about the best heart shaped diamond deals. If you want to buy diamonds with confidence, you should explore all the setting types that are out there waiting patiently for you.


Prong settings are timeless and enduring. They’ve been stapes in the ring universe for a long while now. These settings involve a minimum of two prongs that wrap around crown foundations. The goal behind this is to stop any movement from occurring. “Claw” is another common name for this sort of setting. It has a mounting approach that reduces the exact amount of metal that’s necessary. This enables extra light to travel through gemstones or diamonds.


This is a modern setting that allows gemstones or diamonds to stay firmly in their positions using metal walls that are vertical. This establishes a seamless and straightforward “channel” of sorts. If you look at a channel setting, you’ll notice that the stones are right next to each other without any “intervening” metal at all.

Shared Prong

The shared prong basically is a spin on the famed “normal” prong setting. If you look at the shared prong setting, you’ll see that the prongs wrap around the core of a stone. This is to stop any motion from taking place. Like the aforementioned basic prong, it decreases the amount of metal that’s utilized. This gives it the ability to let more light travel through the gemstones or diamonds.


Pave settings are particularly refined and sophisticated in feel. They tend to be favorites among people who appreciate particularly intense styles. The gemstones and diamonds that make up these settings are situated low. They’re packed tightly together as well. They involve the use of extremely small beads. If you look at the ring surfaces, they’ll appear to be adorned with eye-catching stones. This boosts the “gloss” factor of these settings significantly. 

Bar Channel 

Bar channel settings essentially are spins on standard channel settings. What makes them different? They beat them in the security department. These settings feature gemstones or diamonds that remain in their positions tightly. They’re located in the middle of a pair of vertical walls. The walls are next to the sides of both diamonds.


If you gaze closely at a bezel setting, you’ll observe a metal rim that is outside of a gemstone or a diamond. It’s an intense setting that can make stones look a lot bigger than they actually are.


Halo settings are equipped with central diamonds that are surrounded by circles of detail-oriented diamonds. These circles are the “halos.” The halos can be suitable for people who want their diamonds to seem markedly bigger. If you’re interested in budget-friendly choices, halo settings may pique your interest.


Cathedral settings are known by many for being particularly refined and dignified in feel. These settings are reminiscent of cathedral arches, true to the name. They’re beloved in the realm of engagement rings. Diamonds in these settings are situated in numerous manners. “Bezel” and “prong” styles are both options. The arches, however, have the final word. They’re the components that frame the gemstones or diamonds when all is said and done. These settings enable diamonds or gemstones to be set in substantially higher manners. That’s how they can make diamonds or gems seem “larger than life.” 


Cluster settings establish diamond clusters. These clusters are composed of diamonds that are relatively small. Since they appear in clusters, they look a lot like single diamonds that are big and dazzling. Cluster settings can often be strong choices for people who are looking to reduce costs.

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