The Real Meladee Present “Rocket Man”

Rappers everywhere beware: compared to other artists trying to get their come up, Florida rapper The Real Meladee is growing at an alarming rate. The trailblazing artist from Tallahassee has been dropping singles so fast that she could probably build an album. Not only that, each single exhibits a finer tuning of craft, confidence, and flow. All this would be surprising if we didn’t know what The Real Meladee had to overcome to reach this point. Compared to her upbringing, taking over the rap game is a cakewalk. On tracks like “Birkin” and “Set the Tone,” she chronicles her past and her expectations for the future for fans, haters, and history. Jump in now and get to know The Real Meladee before she takes off.

Then again, maybe this is the moment she’s taking off, with her new release “Rocket Man”. Over a sly and almost villainous beat by Michael “Mikey” Murray, our rap queen-to-be rattles off flex after flex in her seemingly effortless sequence of bars. Her casual flow oozes confidence—there’s no question whether she believes in what she’s saying. The real question is whether we’re ready for someone like The Real Meladee to tell it like it is.

Before the countdown reaches zero, hop on board and watch the music video for “Rocket Man.” Directed by DSVX Shots, the flick features raw and stylish shots of The Real Meladee spitting truth. Cruising through the Miami night scene, the artist makes her masterful grasp of her craft look easy. But don’t let yourself be deceived—The Real Meladee is in a whole different galaxy than us mere mortals.

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