New Video By Lan Lawd feat. Nicko Rebel “So Good”

Sailing towards the stars from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia, singer-songwriter Nelson Serieux’s reggae alias is Lan Lawd. Brought up by a music teacher, his mother, Serieux lept into multi-instrumentalism early in life. Writing songs soon became a second language, taking inspiration from his island’s natural vibes and experiences from around the world. After winning the Best New Artist award in a nationwide competition in 2010, he moved to New York and later found himself in Miami to up his creative game. Taking in his sunny sonic surroundings, he’s crafted a unique offering in the Caribbean space, exemplified on his EP Rise. Soon after getting to Florida, Serieux met friend and collaborator, Grammy-winning producer Nicko Rebel. Rebel, a native Jamaican, immediately vibed with the Lan Lawd project. After growing up in the sound system culture and mastering the arts of promotion and distribution, Rebel became a creative force writing hooks and beats for a slate of international all-stars.

Friends and forceful creatives, Lan Lawd and Nicko Rebel band together again on their hit new single “So Good.” Ripe to be remixed, this hit-to-be is extremely danceable, even in raw form. Layering Caribbean-style house beats over a sexy, rhythmic guitar strum, Nicko Rebel creates a seductive scene for Lan Lawd’s flawless flow to beckon us to the dance floor. And there’s no point in saying no with the energy this pair is generating.

If you’re unsure what to do next, pick up some moves while watching the music video for “So Good.” Shot at St. Lucia’s iconic Irie Bar, the video is an infectious sequence of sumptuous scenes. With choreography crafted by Mind of Xavier and Le pazz, St. Lucian dancers and models join Lan Lawd and Nicko Rebel on the dance floor. And in case you were wondering after hitting repeat a few times—yes, that dope Lan Lawd bucket hat is available online, so you can carry island vibes wherever you go.

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