The Saul Ayotte Project new single “Meant For You”

Saul Ayotte embraces a classic slice of Americana on the soulful stereo sound of “Meant for You.” This is the sort of song played in a moment of reflection, driving through wide-open spaces thinking about those moments long since passed. A nostalgic pining permeates the track. Lyrics emphasize a lovelorn, tender tenor that helps to imbue the piece with compassion. Instrumentally rich, the guitar work mixed with the piano feels gorgeous. Going for this sense of interplay, the whole group listens to each other, making sure to emphasize their strength as a community. By keeping things relatively languid pacing-wise, this peaceful disposition becomes meditative.

Languid pacing starts things up. The blooming colors feel gorgeous. Building the sound up and out allows for the work to swirl about in a blissful stance. His voice rests through the entirety of the piece, adding to the sense of purpose. Much of the work has a relatively beautiful approach. Plenty of the track has a kindness, unspooling with the right amount of power. He lets the verses feel fantastic, breathing life into the narrative. Characterization of the song has a soothing aspect for the peaceful quality of the word choice embraces the literary. With a raw grit and soul about the whole piece, the message radiates out up into the seemingly infinite, a song of true devotion.

“Meant for You” has Saul Ayotte deliver a raw, unvarnished series of truths with a poignant piece that feels doubly refreshing.