Marshall Oakman Presents “When Life’s Cold”

Singer-songwriter Marshall Oakman has recently announced a new single named “When Life’s Cold.” The track is a piano-based song with a mid-tempo groove. Marshall’s songwriting style is reminiscent of greats such as Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne, seamlessly channeling retro pop and rock influences. Marshall’s vocals are evocative and upfront, yet he can convey so much intimacy due to his storytelling approach to songwriting.

The production has an old-school vibe, which is reminiscent of some of the best pop-rock records of the 60s and 70s. Still, this single is not just a nostalgic operation. The song still feels very much current and relevant, allowing the audience to discover Marshall’s penchant for deeply personal musical storytelling. Although the artist has learned valuable lessons from some of the most iconic artists from the past, he developed the essence of his sound and concocted a very relatable music format, which is quite one-of-a-kind. The quality of the mix actually helps the artist express himself in a more genuine way. Many singer-songwriters tend to hide behind studio trickery in modern music. However, Marshall is eager to adopt a more organic sound, which shows more vulnerability and passion. The instruments sound natural and beautiful, and the vocals soar on top of the mix, highlighting the effectiveness of the arrangement to absolute perfection.

At the end of the day, “When Life’s Cold” is a memorable piece of music. It is a great introduction to Marshall’s remarkable work and creative vision. This song is a stark reminder that life isn’t always easy. We all must go through challenges, and at times, the cold we experience can feel very lonely and isolating. Still, the track has a hopeful side, which tells us there is a light, even at the end of the darkest, coldest night. Ultimately, “When Life’s Cold” is a very relatable song about human resilience and our remarkable ability to bounce back and start over, no matter what.

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