An Old Friend Presents “Native Gardens”

Like the waves crashing on the shores of their stomping grounds out on Long Island, experimental indie rock band An Old Friend never fails to reverberate refreshing ripples through their listeners’ ears. Composed of high school friends Cody Kohler (lead vocals and guitar), Eddy Barrera (guitar and vocals), Cory Brown (bass), and Frank Facompre (drums), the group exhibits a stunning attunement to one another at this early stage of their careers. Together, they endlessly experiment across genres, moodily mixing emo and punk themes with psychedelic elements, dramatic vocals, and ethereal lyrics. Each release from An Old Friend is a kaleidoscope of emotional intensity and experimental sound. Reach out to An Old Friend anytime you’re looking to add something new to your soundtrack for self-transformation.

“Native Gardens,” the latest single from An Old Friend, is a deep dive into the sublime. Firing off of the powerful riffs and pounding drums at the opening of the song, Kohler launches into his ecstatic existential contemplation. His lyrics churn up a cauldron of self-reflection on dreams come and gone and a yearning to restore a natural internal peace. Meanwhile, Barrera, Brown, and Facompre construct mountains of sound driven by dramatic drums, soaring guitars, and a wandering bass line. Close your eyes and completely immerse yourself in “Native Gardens.”

But wait—open them once more; you don’t want to miss out on the beauty and thrill of the music video for this spirited song. Opening with mystical flashes of fire and time-pieces, the video immediately takes on a dreamy, searching tone. Throughout the video, we follow a lone sojourner through forests, cities, mountains, and more as he searches for an identity lost to time. The stunning natural elements are punctuated with symbolic motifs, such as masks, mirrors, and clocks that represent false identities assumed along the way. Take a moment to breathe in the visuals, and let An Old Friend help you rediscover your sense of self.

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