Honeydrip takes us all into euphoria with translucent disco anthem ‘O.T.F’

It is harder than ever to stand out in the music world today, but with Australian outfit Honeydrip, they are doing it in spades. They arrive in 2023 with their explosive funk and soul exploration ‘O.T.F’, and it’s a song that literally defies explanation.

From the very first note, ‘O.T.F. (On The Floor)’ catapults listeners into a psychedelic rabbit hole, where Jamiroquai collides with Jacob Collier in a supercharged fever-dream. The track exudes an infectious energy, with echoes of Quincy Jones resonating at every step, while the grandeur of Earth, Wind & Fire adds an irresistible allure.

‘O.T.F.’ marks Honeydrips’ triumphant return from a three-year hiatus, and it was worth the wait. The track is an embodiment of their magical, otherworldly sound that captivates and mesmerises. In conclusion, this single showcases Honeydrips’ unwavering passion for pushing creative boundaries and crafting music that defies categorisation. With an unapologetic blend of influences and a boundless sense of joy, Honeydrips leaves audiences grooving and entranced, eagerly awaiting their next musical adventure, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next.