Skope: Sarah Reeves ‘Get Back Your Fight’ 

The inception of Sarah Reeves’ latest single, ‘Get Back Your Fight,’ is your popular viral moment without intent. The first clip of a ‘Get Back your Fight’ demo was in the form of an Instagram reel, with the most vulnerable and raw version of Sarah Reeves her fans have ever heard.

‘Get Back Your Fight’ offers a glimpse into Reeves’ mental health journey, rooted in real dismay, inner-monologue encouragement, and warrior-inspired energy. Compared to her previous releases of this upcoming chapter, such as ‘Best Days,’ and ‘Jealousy,’ ‘Get Back Your Fight’ will make you feel like you’re not alone and we’re all in this together, with a chorus – “Fear is a lie, we’ll be alright/ Don’t let this battle take days off your life.” 

Sarah Reeves wants you to pick yourself up, seize the day and believe in yourself. The nights could get dark and lonely but know that the person who will get you out of any misery is yourself. ‘Get Back Your Fight’ prepares you for this inner battle, and you can join Sarah Reeves on her march to live your truth. 

Listen to ‘Get Back Your Fight’ out now.

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