Footballer Joao Felix

The football season is upon us, and that means one thing: Brazil will have its World Cup. The tournament is a celebration of football, and a chance for the country to show the world its beauty and talented players. One of the most exciting stories in the World Cup is that of Portugal’s Joao Felix. The 19-year-old has been touted as one of the best young footballers in the world, and he is leading Portugal to glory. He is quick, talented, and has a great eye for a goal. We caught up with Felix to get his story.

Early Life And Education

Joao Felix was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, on January 2, 1999. He grew up in Portugal and Spain, and moved to Brazil at the age of 17 in order to further his footballing education. Joao went to school at Fortaleza soccer school, and worked with famous Brazilian coach Dudu Canabrava in his first years in the sport. In January 2019, a FIFA poll named him as the best young player in the world, ahead of Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah. It’s not hard to see why. By the way, if you are betting on sports and want to get a bonus code, go to and collect your bonuses.

Club Career

Felix started his career in 2015 with Portuguese football club SC Braga. After impressing in the youth divisions, he was promoted to the main team, and made his senior debut in the Europa League. He also featured in the Champions League and the Primeira Liga, the top division in Portugal. In January 2019, he joined Corinthians in Brazil for a fee of around £13 million, making him the third most expensive Brazilian transfer ever. He has already made an appearance for Corinthian in the Copa do Brasil, scoring a goal in the semi-final against Fluminense.

At international level, Felix has represented Portugal at every level from under-17s to under-21s. He made his debut for the senior side in February 2019 against Sweden, in a friendly match. He also played at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, scoring a goal in the second round against Argentina. By the way, if you are betting on sports and want to get a bonus code, go to melbet promo code in Nepal and collect your bonuses.

Talent And Potential

Even before his international Debut, Felix was being touted as a prodigy. A FIFA scout rated him as the best young football player in the world, ahead of Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah. On January 26th, 2019, World Footballer of the Year 2020 was announced, with Felix receiving the award ahead of Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah.

The award is an indication of just how highly regarded Felix is as a footballing talent. He is indeed a gift to the game, with a mix of Lionel Messi’s creative genius and Mohamed Salah’s clinical finishing.

That Salah and Messi are fellow nominees is further proof of just how much talent Felix possesses. These are truly remarkable players, and it goes to show how far football has come in just a few years. It’s clear that if things continue to go well for Felix, then it’s not hard to see him being one of the greatest players of all time soon.

Prodigy Or Not?

Many people, fans included, have questioned whether Felix is or isn’t a prodigy. Some have claimed that he is just a prodigy in fans’ imagination, while others have suggested that he is all of these things and more. In truth, it’s a bit of both. The fact is, it’s difficult to compare Felix’s talent at such a young age to that of a professional footballer, since he has clearly not yet reached his potential.

Nevertheless, there are some notable prodigies who had an impact in their early 20s, such as Zinedine Zidane, Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah. Given the right guidance and opportunities, Felix could follow in their footsteps and truly become a prodigy.


Felix mainly plays as a winger, but wherever he plays, he makes an impact. He is a dribbler who has the ability to create space for himself and teammates, as well as beat defenders with his quick feet. According to WhoScored, Felix scores a lot of beautiful free kicks and volleys, and has an incredible capacity for volleys, winning 83% of his aerial duels. He is also known for his long dribbles, which can stretch the play and open up space for his team-mates.

What’s more is that even when he isn’t scoring, Felix is making a massive difference, often creating goals via accuracy and technique rather than sheer power. It’s an incredible mix. While he is young enough to learn from the best, his natural ability and talent are more than enough to entice big-name clubs to take a look.

In conclusion, there’s really no doubting Felix’s talent. It’s clear that with the right guidance and support, he has the potential to become one of the greatest players in the world. As already stated, he isn’t yet at his peak, so there’s plenty of room for improvement. Nevertheless, what we have witnessed to date already is enough proof of just how great this young player is and how much he deserves to be feared and respected by other professionals in the game.