New Video By Smilez “I Hate My Ex”

Yellow-clad and dangerous, SMILEZ is quickly becoming a staple and poster child of the emo-rap scene. Dripping in the perfect concoction of irony, nostalgia, and attitude, his music, style, and personality resonate deeply with listeners across multiple generations. Influenced by acts ranging from Green Day to Tupac, the LA rapper can strut with swagger onto any stage and with any artist. And he does just that with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Trippie Redd, Wiz Khalifa, and JuiceWRLD. But it’s his friendship and collaborations with 6ix9ine that have become the stuff of legends; he appeared as the only independent artist featured on his pal’s 2020 album Tattletales, queuing alongside superstars Nicki Minaj and Akon. His debut album Ur in My World was released earlier this year, ushering in his era of prominence. With tour dates and additional releases on the horizon, there’s going to be plenty more to SMILEZ about in the future.

An anthem for the heartbroken, SMILEZ’s “I Hate My Ex” comes hot off his new album Ur in My World. Over a beat loaded with trap and bass, SMILEZ chants out his resentments towards his ex. Not only are the lyrics catchy and ready-made for stadium-wide shout-alongs, but they also express a multi-dimensional break-up experience. At times vengeful, and other times wistful, SMILEZ gives us what we most love about him: his unique ability to express a full range of emotions without sacrificing savagery or swagger.

The music video for “I Hate My Ex,” directed by SMILEZ himself, radiates with his signature style. Flipping through a digital yearbook of exes (played by SMILEZ’s army of Insta model friends), we carousel by the women of his past. Edited by this multi-talented artist, the filters and grains plastered on communicate an array of experiences and distorted memories with his exes: some vibrant or steamy, others black and white, fading out of existence. Pop on this artful flick and bring some style to your post-break-up sobfest.

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