The best ways and locations to level up your builds in Elden Ring

The leveling system in Elden Ring is extremely forgiving, and it is relatively simple to make up for almost any error made as the game progresses. Nevertheless, there are a few essential factors to take into consideration that, in the worst possible scenario, can destroy your character. Because of this, MyMMO provides you with all of the information you require. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about leveling in the Elden Ring so keep reading! So let’s begin with the fundamentals of navigating the menus, and then we’ll move on to the more nuanced aspects of the game that you need to be aware of for the conclusion.

Elden Ring: Where and how should I level up? 

Activate and put into use. Level UpHow does leveling work in Elden Ring? There are only three requirements that need to be met before you can level up in Elden Ring, and they are as follows:Unlocking the leveling up option is a requirement. In order to level up, you need a sufficient amount of runes. You have to get yourself into a state of grace. Here, we will explain to you what factors you need to take into consideration.

How to Achieve a Higher Level:

You need to have a conversation with Melina at least once for the leveling menu to become available. When you stop to rest at the third Place of Grace in the game’s open world, this occurs automatically for you. Places of Grace are indicated by glowing yellow orbs in the game. In case you were wondering, that’s how you get the horse. This occurs for the vast majority of new players when they continue on the intended main path after completing the tutorial dungeon. 

The location appears as follows on the map: 

On the other hand, it is irrelevant which Places of Grace they actually are and in what order they appear. You will be able to access this option once you have rested at the third Place of Grace. Where do I level up? When you have Melina’s permission and have unlocked the option, you will be able to level up at any Place of Grace in the game. But there’s no need to worry; even though it might appear that you won’t be able to level up later on in the story, you never actually will. You should select the option to Level Up if you are currently relaxing at a Place of Grace.

When you click this, you will be taken to the menu where you can level up. You can view the number of Elden Ring runes you currently possess as well as the number of runes you require in the top-left corner of the menu (the blue box in our screenshot). You can now level up your desired attribute as long as you have a sufficient number of runes for the Elden Ring. To accomplish this, pick the proper property from the drop-down menu, then move the directional pad (on a controller) or the arrow key (on a keyboard) to the right. Now that the number has been updated, it should be blue, and you should be able to see exactly how the attribute boost affects your overall stats. If you also activate Help, the game will explain what each statistic means in greater detail. The button to do so is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Elden Ring: What Leveling?

Scaling of weapons and attributes, construction builds

There are a few tricks that you can use in order to correctly decide which attributes you should level up and how you should do so. You, too, have just built something, right?

Instructions on how to construct your own model: 

First things first, you need to choose whether you want to be a ranged or melee fighter, whether you want to avoid using magic, or whether you want to play a character that combines the two. Because this decision will not be implemented immediately, it is not necessary to make it with complete certainty. mainly due to the fact that the Umskill function enables you to freely redistribute your attributes. On the other hand, this does not give you the ability to lower your level or have stats that are lower than what your class begins with. Your power quality should come first in every circumstance. You should always have enough Health Points (HP) so that you won’t die from the typical boss attack after taking just one hit. The condition value is also important, and it should be between 15 and 25 points as quickly as possible. Depending on your own requirements and playstyle, you can increase this until you are sufficiently agile and can wear the armor set of your choice without experiencing a slowdown in your rolling speed. Determine which, if any, of the available weapons you wish to use.

Our complete weapon tier list will help you decide. Once you’ve decided which weapon you want to use, your statistics should be high enough to demonstrate that you have the required attributes for that weapon (refer to the image below for a visual reference; the green box). Then you should make investments in the attributes that your build requires. Do you plan on relying on quick katanas and curved swords to get the job done? Then you ought to rely on your skill the majority of the time. The strength path is the one to take if you favor using large great axes and clubs as your weapons of choice. Strength and skill should be prioritized in equal measure if you want to maximize the number of weapons you can utilize and experiment with while playing the game. Because the majority of weapons make use of either one of these qualities or both of them. The Mage’s Spirit provides them with sufficient FP (mana), which they then invest in order to cast the spells and invocations of their choosing. Scaling and required attributes are two aspects of your attribute distribution that are extremely significant, as without them, you will be unable to utilize the full potential of the weapon.

Scaling the Elden Ring with Blood from the Helix

We have indicated the scaling of the attributes using the blue box, and the required attribute levels are indicated using the green box. This is the scaling of the attributes:There is a distinct difference in the initial damage that is dealt by each individual weapon. On the other hand, the amount of damage you take is proportional to the attributes you possess. The scaling of the weapon’s attributes determines how much additional damage you receive for each attribute. The scaling of an attribute determines how much additional damage a weapon receives for each point it has in that attribute. The better the scaling, the more damage the weapon receives. The letter provides information regarding the degree of difficulty of the scaling. They are arranged in the following hierarchy, with E being the least desirable scaling and S being the most desirable:The order is: E  D  C  B  A  SScaling is improved on a variety of weapons through the use of various weapon upgrades. In Ashes of War, you have the ability to alter the weapon affinity and, by extension, the scaling of the weapons. This is only applicable to weapons that have the capability of also using an Ash of War. These are the majority of the different types of combat tools that can be upgraded with standard forgestones. Also Read