Video chat roulette — the best dating format if you seek more communication

One of the biggest paradoxes of the modern world lies in the fact that despite having a huge number of tools for communication at our disposal, we suffer from a severe lack of communication. We can easily and effectively communicate with someone on the other side of the globe for free. But at the same time, we often do not find the time and opportunity to talk even with our family and friends. And there’s simply no question of finding new friends and building romantic relationships…

In today’s article, we’ll try to figure out why someone in the 21st century would so acutely experience a lack of communication, why the usual means of communication do not work, and also how video chat roulettes are already changing this situation. We are sure you’ll learn a lot of new things!

Five main reasons for absence of communication in the modern world

  • Lack of communication in childhood

According to studies, about 40% of children experience a lack of communication and are too shy. For modern children, the situation is aggravated by the fact that they literally grow up on tablets and phones. Many people spend more time online than in the real world. As a result, the younger generation is unable to establish connections offline and is thus faced with a severe shortage of offline communication. The task of every parent should be to ensure that their child is an active member of society and an integral part of it.

  • Strong attachment to the cycle of “work — home”

As we age, we become too fixed in setting our priorities. We forget hobbies, leisure and everything that is not relevant to our primary motivators. Instead, we shut ourselves off from the world in a little bubble of work and household chores. This can easily turn into a vicious circle, which it’s hard to get out of.

  • Stressful conditions and internal tension

Stress, overstrain and emotional exhaustion are very common causes of lack of communication. It’s easy to start feeling you shouldn’t even try to make new acquaintances, because nothing good will come of it. Therefore, it’s necessary first of all to eliminate the root cause of these negative states and experiences. In some cases, it is worth seeking help from a good psychologist, and not letting everything take its course.

  • Excessive self-reliance

People have become more independent. In the 21st century they do not feel a real pressure to start a family, as they would have several decades ago. Previously, a large family was a kind of community in which adults worked, while older children helped with the housework and raised younger children. Now, this family dynamic looks outdated, and many people do not see any point in it. And modern married couples do not always want to take on the responsibility of children.

  • Simple lack of self-confidence

For many people, self-doubt and excessive shyness become the main reason for a lack of personal interaction. The only way to master this is to practice. For example, you can use chat roulette to converse with random people on many topics and thus improve your communication skills. This works very well.

Random chat roulette as a way of dealing with a lack of communication

Chat roulette refers to a website or app that connects random users via video and allows them to chat on almost any topic. The key feature of this format is that it is as close as possible to face to face communication. You see the other person in front of you, hear their voice, observe facial expressions, gestures and intonations. Communication is thus faster, and also more fruitful compared to regular texting.

Random chat roulettes eliminate geographic and other restrictions. You can meet and communicate with people from almost everywhere around the world. And all this without leaving home, by using a computer, tablet or even smartphone — it’s very convenient. The main thing is to choose the chat roulette that suits you:

  • Chatroulette — the first random chat roulette in history to offer users the ability to meet and chat with random people via video. Although Chatroulette does not have wide functionality or high-quality moderation, the service is still very popular.
  • Azar — a decent combination of random chat roulette and functional messenger. In the Azar app, you can not only communicate with random people via video, but also stream, give or receive gifts, study the profiles of other participants and chat like in a regular messenger..
  • OmeTV — a minimalist random chat roulette with gender and geographic filters, as well as a built-in message translator. The gender filter does not work as accurately as in CooMeet, but its very presence is a plus.
  • Bazoocam — a simple and even slightly outdated chat roulette that is still popular. The more interesting features of Bazoocam include built-in online mini-games, as well as its own video streaming platform.
  • Chatous — a popular chat roulette for iOS and Android smartphones. In the application, you can meet random people, communicate by text or video, exchange multimedia files and search for interesting people using the appropriate hashtags.
  • CooMeet — a well-known random chat roulette with a unique gender filter that never makes a wrong choice. The girls here must confirm their identities, so there are no fakes and bots in CooMeet. And the built-in message translator makes communication even easier and more convenient.

We recommend you try several different video chat apps to explore their features and choose the platform that will meet all your requirements. Chat roulettes make dating easier and more comfortable. And most importantly, it helps to cope with loneliness. Even if you do not have far-reaching plans for a strong friendship and relationships. So visit chat roulette. Try it. You will definitely enjoy it!

Fight loneliness with chat roulette

The problem of communication deficit is not invented. It really exists, and every year, it seems, it only intensifies. The longer you try to ignore it, the deeper you will sink into an addiction to your own loneliness.

Never close yourself off from the world and convince yourself that you are better off alone. That’s wrong. At some point, it may really seem to you that being single is not so bad. But the rest of the time, loneliness will eat you up from the inside, and sociable people with lots of friends will only cause irritation and sadness at missing out. You shouldn’t let things reach this stage — fight loneliness with all the means at your disposal. And start with a chat roulette. It’s the simplest, most understandable and most affordable tool.