Business Tricks

If you’ve recently started your own business, you’ve probably realized by now how much there is to think about and do. It’s hard to remember everything and difficult to even know everything about starting and running a business. There may be a few things you’ve overlooked, so check out the following business tricks.


First, take a look at your company’s insurance policy. Are you covered in a way that fits your business? Depending on your size and scope, you may need everything from liability insurance to property insurance to cyber insurance. Talk to a company that specializes in creating policies for particular types of businesses to make sure you get the best insurance fit. You can select a package according to your needs and purchase clothing store insurance, for instance, or gift shop insurance or even food service insurance. Just be sure to gear your policy to your needs.

Extra Help

If you’re a small business with just yourself or maybe one or two other people, you may feel pretty swamped at times. There are ways to get extra help without hiring actual employees. Turn to independent contractors that have the skills you need. If accounting really isn’t your thing, for instance, then hire an independent accountant to keep up with your bookkeeping and taxes. Maybe you’d like to improve your website but don’t know how. Then turn to a website designer. You’ll have to pay for these services (usually by hour or project), but you won’t have to worry about all the difficulties that come with hiring employees.

A Better Website

Speaking of your website, does it do what you need it to do? Take a good look at it from the point of view of one of your customers or clients. Ask yourself if you can find everything you need logically and easily. If not, then you need a better website. People get frustrated when they have to visit multiple pages to get your contact information or track down a product. So make sure your navigation is good and your information is front and center. Also, if you don’t already have online ordering or scheduling, this may be the time to add it.

A Business Plan

Does your company have a business plan? You might think this unnecessary especially if your business is rather small. But actually a business plan can guide you as your endeavor grows. It isn’t hard to create a business plan. You can start with an online template and then customize it. Your business plan will help you identify and state your company’s purpose, reflect on your goods and services and zoom in on the roles and tasks your business needs to run smoothly. It will also push you to develop a better budget and marketing plan. You might find yourself better organized and more confident by the time you’ve written up your business plan.


In fact, organization is key to successfully running your business. You may already have this one down if you tend to be an organized person. But if you aren’t, now is the time to improve. Start with a planner, either a paper version or an app that you can download on your phone, computer and tablet. Then make a firm effort to use it all the time. Put appointments on the calendar, and fill out a to-do list each day. You might make a weekly list, too, or even a monthly list if you have long-term tasks that you need to keep on your radar. Then, throughout the day, return to your planner to make sure you’re staying on track. If you have employees, you might consider adding a company-wide calendar so that everyone can coordinate.

Your business can grow and flourish, but you need to put in the effort to make it do so. Try some of these ideas to get started. Be flexible, too, and adapt them to suit your company and your style. Then get ready to soar to success.